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MBA Programme

Hands-on Education:- Hands-on education or learning by doing is an integral component of ABS teaching-learning environment. Studies have shown that students learn best and remember the learning when they are encouraged to actively explore experiment and work out demonstrable solutions to problems. ‘Hands-on education challenges bright students to achieve more and helps struggling learners to find new ways to master and apply complex concepts in life. It also sparks the love of learning, develops skills and the confidence to tackle the unknown, which is what the real world is mostly about.

Workshop of the future:- The ‘Workshop of the Future' – a virtual-cum-physical lab – will be a great opportunity to learn by doing. It will help students to bridge the gap between theory and practice and take a leap from the classroom to the workplace.

Centres of Excellence:- Students will also have the opportunity to work at industry-promoted Centre of Excellence, which will be located on the campus. Here they will be exposed to the latest industry, corporate expectations, technologies and work processes; and get opportunity to interact with industry practitioners.

Group-based Learning:- At ACCMAN, students will be encouraged to operate in small teams so that they develop collaborative skills required of future leaders for working with and learning from people of diverse backgrounds.

Course Hand-outs:- MBA programme offered by ACCMAN will have clearly documented and tracked learning outcomes, which will encourage different professors to stick to one teaching plan for the semester and deliver a high standard of performance. The course handout will be shared with students through LMS, so that they know what to expect, and can plan and pace their learning, and take advantage of the flexibilities built into the academic structure.

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