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Master of Business Administration - (Code 101)

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MBA Programme

MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a two year postgraduate programme that grants degree in the field of management and business administration. MBA came into existence in the 20th century, when the countries started the industrialized revolution and the companies begin approaching the scientific methods to deal with problems and issues in the management and the businesses.

The MBA program aims at preparing young minds for responsible positions in industry, trade, commerce and other services with high level of motivation. The program emphasizes the following:

  • Advanced study of organizations, their management and the changing external context in which they operate
  • Career development in business and management by developing skills at a professional level
  • Apply knowledge and understanding of business and management to complex issues, both systematically and creatively, to improve business and management practice

Enhancement of life long learning skills and personal development so as to able to work with self direction and originality and to contribute to business and society at large.

Course Highlights

  • Well structured lectures with practical approach
  • Exposure to practical aspects of business
  • Guest lectures from leading Industry experts on prevailing Industrial practices.
  • Industrial Visits
  • Summer Training/ Projects
  • Personality Development Programme Sessions & Soft Skills
  • Presentations on Academic / General Topics
  • Focus on key performance area w.r.t Current Affairs & Presentations, General Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, etc.
  • Customized lectures on: Public Speaking, Power Dressing, Personal Grooming, Business Etiquette, Mock Interview Sessions, and Placement Assistance

Course Objective

  • To provide students with in-depth knowledge of business/corporate concepts.
  • To provide students with solid foundation for both theoretical and practical development to meet the various needs of multinational businesses.
  • To prepare students for the responsibilities and opportunities of careers with corporations.
  • To cultivate leadership and decision making skills necessary to tackle the challenges of today's global business.
  • To teach students the tools and techniques useful for critical business analysis and control in today's business climate.

Banking & Finance:

This includes security & investment analysis and portfolio management. These jobs, available with banks, security firms, insurance companies, and various financial organizations, require a professional to make right choices about investments. Related job profiles are in Corporate Treasury, Business Operations and Credit Analysis..

Other job opportunities in banks are for Commercial Banking, Liabilities Product Management, Cards Management, Transaction Banking, Corporate Banking, Compliance, Wholesale Risk, Credit Risk, Relationship Management and Treasury.

Information System Management:

This requires a more technology-focused candidate, day someone with an MBA in Information Systems. Such candidates identify fresh and up-to-date technologies to serve an organization better. They provide a thorough cost analysis for use of the right technology while working with financial and managerial departments.

Investment Banking:

This is a job in demand. Companies that hire for this role include SBI Capital Markets, Motilal Oswal & Bank of America Continuum among many others. The right candidate functions as an underwriter. He/she has to connect investors to fund-needing organizations. The candidate must have the acumen to analyze what fits best for the client. They deal with acquisitions and mergers as well as clients. Other job profiles include those in Treasury, Securities and Investment Management.

Management Consulting:

If you are a problem solver, this is the job that suits you best. A management consultant specifically solves organizational issues, while embracing fresh ideas and new methods of problem-solving. Firms that hire for such roles include Cognizant Business Consulting, Bain (BCC), KPMG, PwC, Infosys Management Consulting, Michael Page, Deloitte, PeopleStrong, Cartesian Consulting & many more.

IT Manager

IT managers oversee a company's computer systems. That can mean ensuring computer systems meet a company's needs, upgrading technology and keeping the system secure. It also frequently includes managing IT personnel.

Financial Manager

Finance is a great match for MBAs because it is a field that closely aligns with graduate education. Financial managers oversee a company's financial condition, preparing or reviewing financial reports, analyzing trends and advising the top management personnel on finances and profits.

Many companies want financial managers with an MBA, as these candidates tend to have the analytical abilities and software knowledge required to do the job. Experience in finance industry will naturally help.

Financial Advisor

Another finance-job that seeks out MBA graduates is that of financial advisor. Financial advisors provide investment, retirement, tax and insurance guidance for clients, including financial goals or investment strategies. An MBA could help financial advisors attract clients. For those who are not self-employed, an MBA can make it easier to move into a management role.

HR Manager    

Increasing demands on human resources departments drives the need for skilled HR managers. This position directs administrative action for an entire company and works on recruiting and hiring for an organization. Experience and an MBA can open advancement into this position, as HR managers work closely with executives and participate in strategic planning.

Management Analyst

Management analysts recommend improvements to companies on costs, personnel, finances, alternate practices or work on solving specific problems. About 23 per cent are self-employed.


After completion of this course graduates will be ready to be placed in the following job profiles viz. FMCG, Automobile, Retail, Banks, Airline, E-commerce etc. as

  • Selling Function
  • Marketing Function
  • Branding Function
  • Social Media Marketer Function
  • E-Commerce
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Service Marketing
  • CRM etc.



Code No. Paper
MS 101 Management Process & Organizational Behavior
MS 103 Decision Science
MS 105 Managerial Economics
MS 107 Accounting for Management
MS 109 Information Technology Management
MS 111 Business Communication
MS 113 Legal Aspects of Business
MS 151 Information Technology Management Lab
MS 115 Managerial Skills Development (NUES)*
Open Courses offered under CBCS Scheme by USMS
MS 101 Management Process & Organizational Behavior
MS 111 Business Communication
MS 115 Managerial Skills Development (NUES)*


*Choice Based Credit System

Note: Students of other university schools of studies can take a maximum of two open courses in one semester.

Industrial Visit: There will be at least one industrial visit for the students in the 1 st year either in the first semester or second semester. The students will be required to submit a report and present the same to their industrial Visit In-charge.


Code No. Paper
MS 102 Management of Technology, Innovation and Change
MS 104 Financial Management
MS 106 Marketing Management
MS 108 Business Research Methods
MS 110 Operations Management
MS 112 Human Resources Management
MS 114 E- Business
MS 116 Business Analytics (NUES)*
Open Courses offered under CBCS Scheme by USMS
MS 104 Financial Management
MS 106 Marketing Management
MS 112 Human Resources Management


*Choice Based Credit System


(1) Students of other university schools of studies can take a maximum of two open courses in one semester.

(2) The student is required to undergo Summer Training of Six to Eight Weeks immediately after the final Exam of 2 nd Semester and obtain a Certificate of Training from the organization as per the format prescribed.


Code No. Paper
MS 201 Summer Training Report
MS 203 Management Systems Management
MS 205 Information Systems Management
MS 207 Entrepreneurship Development
MS 209 Business Simulation and Games (NUES)
  Elective - I
  Elective - II
  Elective - III
  Elective - IV
  Elective - V
Open Courses offered under CBCS Scheme by USMS
MS 203 Management of International Business
MS 207 Entrepreneurship Development


*Choice Based Credit System


  • All students must specialize in one major and one minor area. Five papers must be taken from the major area and three papers from the minor area of specialization in total.
  • Three elective papers must be taken in third semester and two electives papers in the fourth semester from the area selected for major specialization.
  • For project dissertation to be done in 4 th semester, the allocation of Project Guide and selection of Topic will be done in the 3 rd semester and notified.
  • Students of other university schools of studies can take a maximum of two open courses in one semester.
  • The students can undertake Education cum Industrial tour to any station within India or Abroad (optional) with the prior permission of Dean/Director.


Code No. Paper
MS 202 Project Dissertation
MS 204 Business Intelligence and Application
MS 206 Strategic Management
MS 208 Corporate Social Responsibility, Human Values & Ethics
MS 210 Project Management
  Elective - I
  Elective - II
  Elective - III
Open Courses offered under CBCS Scheme by USMS
MS 208 Corporate Social Responsibility, Human Values & Ethics
MS 210 Project Management

*Choice Based Credit System


(1). Students of other university schools of studies can take a maximum of two open courses in one semester.

(2). Syllabus for the fourth semester papers shall be completed by April 15 every year and the remaining period of the Academic Calendar the students will be required to complete the project and submit the same.

3 rd Semester

4 th Semester



MS 211 Consumer Behavior

MS 212 Retail Management

MS 213 Sales and Distribution Management

MS 214 Advertising and Brand Management

MS 215 International Marketing

MS 216 Internet Marketing

MS 217- Services Marketing

MS 218 Business Marketing

MS 219 Customer Relationship Management






MS 221 International Financial Management

MS 220 Strategic Financial Management

MS 223 Financial Market and Institutions

MS 222 Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Restructuring

MS 225 Security Analysis and Investment Management

MS 224 Financial Derivatives

MS 227 Corporate Tax Planning

MS 226 Behavioral Finance

MS 229 Financial Econometrics




Human Resource

Human Resource

MS 231 Compensation Management

MS 228 Strategic Human Resource Management

MS 233 Industrial Relationship and Labor Law

MS 230 Organizational Development

MS 235 Training and Development

MS 232 Team Building

MS 235 Performance Management

MS 234 Behavior Testing & Counseling

MS 239 Talent Management




Information Technology

Information Technology

MS 241 Systems Analysis and Design

MS 236 Digitalization and E- governance

MS 243 Enterprise Systems

MS 238 Software Project Management

MS 245 Network Application and Management

MS 240 Web Technologies 2 Credits

MS 247 Database Management Systems 2 Credits

MS 242 Knowledge Management

MS 249 Information Security Management

MS 252 Web Technologies 1 Credit

MS 261 Database Management Systems 1 Credit

Note : The Lab MS 252 is a part of course MS 240 and the students opting for MS 240 will also study MS 252.



International Business

International Business

MS 251 International Business Environment

MS 244 Global Competitive and Strategic Alliance

MS 253 Export Import Policies, Procedures and Documentation

MS 246 Supply Chain Management for International Business

MS 255 WTO and Intellectual Property Rights

MS 248 Managing Diversity

MS 257 International Economics

MS 250 Global Strategic Management

MS 259 International Business Negotiation


*Choice Based Credit System


Total Credit = 120

To obtain the degree a student shall require 113 Credits

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